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Nothing Moves, Without You. 

Our Professional Operators Are The Key To Our Success! 

Join The Team That Cares, Team Timi! 

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Emerald Level 

When you begin your career here at Timi's Tours, either as a Full Time or Part Time Motorcoach operator, you will start out at Emerald, and have the following benefits:

  • Competitive and Consistent Daily Pay (No "Up To" gimmicks here)

  • Bi-Weekly Direct Deposit

  • Per Diem on Day Trip & Multi Day Trips Via Instant Debit Card

  • Paid Training

  • Uniforms Provided

  • New, Luxurious, Well Maintained Equipment

  • IRA With Company Match

  • Personal Vehicle Maintenance & Detailing while you drive

  • Family First Company & Culture

  • Responsive To Concerns, 24 Hr. Dispatch

  • No Forced Dispatch

  • Quarterly Safety Bonus

  • Company - Subsidized Health Insurance

  • PTO - Earn .25 Hrs. PTO For Every Day Worked

  • Gratuities (Now Built in to Athletics Contracts)

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Ruby Level 

After Your First Year of Emerald Status, if you work over 150 Driving Days, you will be upgraded to Ruby Status. At Ruby, You will receive All Emerald Benefits PLUS:

  • Weekly Minimum Guarantee - 3 Days Per Week (6 Per Pay Period)

  • 150 Working Days Per Year, Guaranteed*

  • 5 Days PTO / Year

  • 5 Blackout Days / Year

  • BONUS for any days worked over 150, Given at the End Of The Year

  • Priority Of Work Over Emerald

  • Ruby Level Jacket

  • Paid DOT Physical

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Diamond Level 

At Diamond Level, You're a true road warrior! This level is for those who drive 210 Days a year or more! Once you achieve this upgrade, you will receive all Emerald & Ruby Benefits, Plus:

  • Diamond Welcome Gift, Jacket, Hat, & Bag

  • Weekly Minimum Guarantee - 4 Days Per Week (8 Per Pay Period)

  • 210 Working Days Per Year, Guaranteed

  • 10 Paid Time Off Days Per Year, Plus 1 For Every Year Of Service over 5

  • Bonus for any days worked over 210, Given at the End Of The Year

  • Highest Priority Of Work

  • After 10 Years, All Expense Paid Trip with Timi's Tours (Continental USA Only)

  • Assigned Unit

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